Our Value

Why make West Lake Partners a member of your team?

West Lake Partners is dedicated to helping companies offshore their development and business processing needs. While many organizations appreciate the cost advantage of offshore outsourcing, they also understand the significant difficulties they face when partnering with a foreign supplier. West Lake Partners eliminates these difficulties by acting as a bridge between the client and the supplier, thereby eliminating difficulties with language, corporate culture, and time zones.

West Lake Partners has a network alliance of established software development firms throughout Mainland China, each with its own technical competencies and serving several industry sectors. The success of our process relies on working directly with our client to understand, among other elements: the client’s technical requirements, timeline, architectural constraints, and development environment. West Lake Partners will then identify the appropriate alliance member firm. The selected firm will be closely managed by West Lake Partner’s Chinese office, while all program related status and updates will be communicated directly to the client by its US office.

We feel that this approach serves to insulate our clients from the riggers of working directly with an offshore team. Issues with language, cultural differences, time zones, and contractual risks, are the reasons some organizations shy away from offshoring. West Lake Partners' value is to make the offshore outsourcing experience transparent to the client. Our technical and language skills, coupled with our experience with directing both large and small scale software programs, allows us to deal with the complexities of offshoring, while our clients can rest assured that their projects will be delivered on time, with the highest quality, and at a very compelling price point.