Our Process

Our process begins by meeting with and understanding the client’s specific outsourcing needs. This includes, among other items, the scope, schedule, technical/functional requirements and constraints, as well as any quality regulatory & processes that might exceed our own established processes.

Based on this initial meeting, we determine whether one of our alliance partners can optimally satisfy all of the client’s needs within the required timeline. If so, we will create a detailed quotation that includes our understanding of the project’s scope, schedule, and budget.

Throughout the project’s execution, West Lake Partner’s China office will directly manage all work performed by the alliance partner. This will be done thorough the alliance partner’s own dedicated project manager. The client, however, will have West Lake Partner’s US office at their disposal for all communications, including project updates, formal status reports, project requirements modifications, etc.

Although we believe that a solid requirements plan is essential to ensuring a successful project outcome, we understand that markets and technologies can be fluid. If needed, West Lake Partners will be happy to help our clients manage and finalize their requirements before the design phase starts. If during the design requirements move, we have the flexibility to work with our clients and quickly accommodate those changes.