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Software Outsourcing & China

Why China ?

Whether embarking on a ground-up development program, sustaining and maintaining legacy products, or developing and executing software test suites; offshore outsourcing to China makes great strategic sense. Beyond sustaining a competitive global cost advantage, strategic outsourcing affords organizations the flexibility to appropriately allocate their internal resources where they can be most effective.

For the past several years India has emerged as the global epicenter of offshore outsourcing for both business process and software development tasks. Major cities like Bangalore and Delhi have been viewed by the West as the only offshore option. However, as a result of India’s recognition, the average program cost has risen considerably when compared to China, making India a less attractive alternative.

The sourcing of commodity items and outsourcing of manufacturing to China are very well known in the United States and the European Union. What may not be as well know is the expanse of China’s Special High Technology Zones, many of which concentrate specifically on software development.

With some of China’s major Universities turning out exceptionally talented developers and engineers and with the Chinese government subsidizing so much of the high-tech zones and software parks, China is rapidly becoming for high-tech development what it has been for cost effective manufacturing.